About Us



The RECALL Foundation raises funds to support emerging approaches that advance Alzheimer’s research, programming, and education.


Spark innovative ideas that end suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias


We affirm the integrity, relevance, and collaboration in grant funding.

We act with credibility and transparency, promoting innovative and quality research, programming, and education.

We uphold the highest ethical standards while demonstrating empathy and compassion for all.


Since its founding in 1985, the Extendicare Foundation, now called the RECALL FOUNDATION has grown from a small corporate foundation to a robust public charity. Our area of philanthropy expanded from only Alzheimer’s research to currently include caregiver education and quality of life initiatives in long term care. Caregiver education has involved not only nursing staff in long-term care but the family caregiver as well. The quality of life initiatives has given promise to those that reside in a structured residential or community based setting, encouraging opportunities to remain entertained, engaged, and enlightened. These three areas are at the core of our seed funding and the basis on which we give.

In the last year, we funded several creative, replicable and innovative projects as well as cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research. The Alzheimer’s Association, Medical College of Wisconsin, Wheaton Franciscan-St. Joseph Foundation and Aurora Foundation were all recipients of grant dollars from the Extendicare Foundation. Their projects ranged from a film on caregiver challenges to the potential link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease – all of which touch and improve the lives of those involved now and will continue to do so in the years to come.

The Foundation owes its success to its many Donors from Extendicare, Fortis, and leaders in Alzheimer’s research, service providers in the field of aging and general community.  It is their generosity that our organization can continue to fund seed grants, which is what makes the RECALL Foundation so unique. Each dollar is given careful consideration, as it was raised by those that work hard to bring awareness to our Foundation and those who personally know of its good work. The efforts of our donors make a difference, and it is with great care that we fund quality projects in organizations dedicated to serving families suffering from Alzheimers.

As we move into the future, the RECALL FOUNDATION will be an important player in the Alzheimer’s and long-term care philanthropic arenas. With the aging population growing, the need for increased research and funding for quality programs to assist those in need will be critical. We feel that our seed grants will benefit all those working for and living with Alzheimers.