Executive Director


Deborah Fugenschuh


Deborah Fugenschuh has been Executive Director of the RECALL FOUNDATION since its inception, August 2016.  She has over 30 years of nonprofit experience as an Executive Director, Vice President of Fund Development, Strategic planning, social enterprise, and an advocate for the philanthropic community.  Before the RECALL FOUNDATION position, she was President and CEO of the Wisconsin Philanthropic Network, a membership association of Wisconsin Grantmakers.


Her passion is to partner with donors, community leaders, and volunteers to ensure a vibrant and dynamic nonprofit community.  She was drawn to the RECALL FOUNDATION because of its Mission, Vision, and Values.  She recently said; “ I believe there is no better cause to affiliate with than the RECALL FOUNDATION whose Board is committed to sparking innovative ideas that end suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias.”  “The time is now to fund and support the researchers, caregivers, and professionals working in this field.  There is a new understanding of this disease that has created a new sense of urgency in finding a cure.”  The RECALL FOUNDATION wants to be part of this national commitment to end Alzheimer’s.


The RECALL FOUNDATION website is a repository of information, articles, programs and is a critical vehicle for encouraging donations to assist in the work of the RECALL FOUNDATION.