Why Donate?


Easy to Donate – RECALL FOUNDATION donors know that the RECALL FOUNDATION will manage every aspect of the donation process making their gift worry free.

Leverage– RECALL FOUNDATION donors want to get the most out of their contribution and know collaboration is the best way to make a significant impact on their giving

Cost Effective – RECALL FOUNDATION donors know that 97% of their gift goes to the nonprofit, or researcher supported by the Foundation.

Professional Knowledge – RECALL FOUNDATION donors know that the foundation has experts who review grants to ensure that the organizations or researchers they support are the best in their field.

Stewardship – RECALL FOUNDATION donors know their donation will be used to assist in ending Alzheimer’s or to enhance the family living with Alzheimer’s.  They trust the Board to be accountable and transparent in the use of donations.

Increased Knowledge and Giving- RECALL FOUNDATION donors know that only 2% of all giving is earmarked for aging.  By combining their gifts with others, their donation can increase charitable giving for Alzheimer’s.  They also know that more people are aware of Alzheimer’s more people will give.