Scholarship Application

Each RECALL Foundation award recipient will receive a maximum of $2,000 per year (payable to the educational institution) to be used for tuition and school-related fees. The scholarship can be renewed annually upon re-application each year, providing the student is making significant progress toward the diploma or degree. No recipient will be awarded a scholarship for more than two years.

To renew the scholarship, students must be able to prove they have maintained satisfactory academic standards throughout the school year and can reasonably be expected to receive either a diploma or degree within the allotted time. At the start of each semester, students are required to advise the Scholarship Coordinator of their intent to continue their health education program. Students must also provide a transcript for the most recent semester completed to verify that he/she has met the academic requirements of the program.

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Grant Application

The RECALL FOUNDATION, Inc., formerly known as the Extendicare Foundation continues to accept applications for funding in the area of Alzheimer’s and related Dementias.

Funding Priorities:  All grant requests must meet at least two or more of these priorities.  Preference will be given to those grant requests that meet three or more.

  • Seed Funds – small grants that will help an organization leverage RECALL’s grant for greater philanthropic support.
  • Innovative Research – new academic research or a new aspect of current research striving for a cure of Alzheimer’s or related Dementias. Research must have the potential to be published in Alzheimer’s Journals.
  • Collaboration with other nonprofits or research centers to ensure replicable advances in the field of Alzheimer’s.
  • New approaches in caregiving programs that expand the well-being of individuals and families with Alzheimer’s and related Dementias.
  • Education or promotion of the importance of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.
  • All grant recipients must address the sustainability of project grant.

The RECALL FOUNDATION does not fund on-going projects, personnel,  and general operations. 

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