Scholarship Application

Program Objective

The RECALL FOUNDATION, formally known as the Extendicare Foundation  Scholarship Program is designed to encourage employees of Fortis Health Services and their children to pursue post-secondary education in a health profession at an accredited college or university. The scholarship recognizes the accomplishments of students who have demonstrated an interest in a career in health care. Scholarships are awarded twice a year on a competitive basis without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, etc.


Scholarships are available to any Fortis, LLC. Health Services employee and his or her natural children legally adopted children or stepchildren. Eligible employees must be currently employed by Fortis LLC. on a full or part-time basis. The employee and child must, at a  minimum, have completed a high school diploma or its equivalent and be enrolled in a post-secondary education program of study with a reasonable expectation of completion of an Associates or Bachelors Degree only.

Applicants who are already enrolled in a post-secondary program are eligible for the RECALL FOUNDATION Scholarship providing they are entering an approved health program in the year of their application. Eligible education studies include health care administration, physician assistants, environmental/public health, physical/occupational/speech therapies, surgical technicians, medical assistants, nursing, pharmacy technicians, health information management and radiography.

Selection Process

Up to 10% of the funds raised for the Foundation from the prior year (to a maximum of $30,000) will be awarded in scholarships up to a maximum of $2,000 per person per year. To qualify the center must raise a minimum of $10 per bed for the Foundation during the prior year. You must participate in fundraising for the Foundation at the Fortis, LLC  Center to apply for a scholarship. Criteria for choosing the award winners include academic record; personal, school, and work references; participation in school and community activities; work experience; and financial need. Director level employees and above are not eligible for the program.

The Scholarship

Each RECALL FOUNDATION award recipient will receive a maximum of $2,000 per year (payable to the educational institution) to be used for tuition and school-related fees. The scholarship can be renewed annually upon re-application each year, providing the student is making significant progress toward the diploma or degree. No recipient will be awarded a scholarship for more than two years.


The scholarship, students, must be able to prove they have maintained satisfactory academic standards throughout the school year and can reasonably be expected to receive either a diploma or degree within the allotted time.  At the start of each semester, students are required to advise the Executive Director of the RECALL FOUNDATION  of their intent to continue their program. Students must also provide a transcript for the most recent semester completed to verify that he/she has met the academic requirements of the program.

Application Instructions

Employees and their children interested in applying for a RECALL FOUNDATION should fill out and mail, fax or email the attached application form. Applications must be received on or before April 30,  and October 31 to be considered. Any application that is not fully completed will not be reviewed.

Download the Application Here or fill out the form below to submit.


Scholarship Application

Complete the following before enrolling. Attach documentation of estimated costs for the entire program. Acceptable documentation includes statesments from business/registrar's office, course description, credits, and cost per credit from curriculum guide or similar verification. APPLICATION MUST BE FULLY COMPLETED TO BE CONSIDERED. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED - NO EXCEPTIONS.

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I authorize the school listed above to furnish the Foundation any necessary information concerning financial aid and grades.

If this request is approved, I understand that 100% of expenses incurred of the course(s), by the terms of the RECALL FOUNDATION Scholarship Program up to a maximum per year of $2,000 will be paid to the school I’m attending. If I do not complete the program, I will refund the RECALL FOUNDATION all scholarship monies received.

I understand that falsification of records or information will result in my immediate disqualification and dismissal from the Foundation Scholarship Program. In the event of dismissal, I agree to reimburse the Foundation for any and all monies previously paid.

Also, I understand education assistance may be taxable under the law and all monies received may be added to my W-2 statement. All checks will be made out to the school unless I provide proof that I paid the school directly.