Become a Sponsor


The Importance of Corporate/ Foundation/Individual Sponsorships

Sponsorships provide nonprofits with financial support on and annual or multi-year frequency, and in return, nonprofits provide sponsors with positive PR and a boost community leadership business.  Sponsors have a long tradition of mutually beneficial partnerships with nonprofits.

Sponsorships are critical to the grantmaking capability of the RECALL FOUNDATION.  Sponsorships allow the foundation to play a critical role on their behalf in advancing research, enhancing caregiving, and support the professional development of those who care for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

The Benefits of being a RECALL FOUNDATION Sponsor

Brand Visibility

When you become a sponsor for the RECALL FOUNDATION, your logo is featured on the home page of the RECALL FOUNDATION website.  Your company is recognized on all collateral material of the program or event you sponsored.  Your company comp is recognized on the RECALL FOUNDATION’s donor page and annual report.


Sponsors are thanked via letter, email or phone call within 48 hours of receiving the gift.

They are invited to special donor recognition events.  They are recognized in periodic RECALL FOUNDATION newsletters and other relevant media.


Sponsors receive updates on grants made by the RECALL FOUNDATION. There are opportunities for the sponsor to hear directly from the researchers or other grant recipients. They receive the foundation’s annual report and have access to the foundation’s annual audit.

How to support the RECALL FOUNDATION through sponsorships?

Contact RECALL FOUNDATION’s Executive Director for sponsorship opportunities.  You can reach Deborah Fugenschuh at  Cell phone: 262-339-9940; Office phone: 262-675-6891.  Address: 1182 Paradise Drive, P.O. Box 732, West Bend, WI. 53095

Click here if you wish additional information on RECALL FOUNDATION sponsorships.