Open the World

Travelogues for people in senior care facilities and those who wish to travel the world from the comfort of their home.

Discover easy-to-use, affordable travelogues that help you engage and enhance the quality of life of people young and old. Open the World slide shows are research-based and designed for use by Recreational Therapists, Activity Directors, Life Enrichment Directors and family caregivers, with an individual or a group Facilitator Guide 2013-09-15

Every travelogue is structured for maximum flexibility. Move straight through from start to finish, jump from the slide show into a linked activity, follow up a prompt that piques participants’ interest, skip components as you choose. You know your participants best; Open the World gives you every opportunity to engage them.

The complete package

Each travelogue includes:

 PowerPoint slide show. Gorgeous photos and narrative in 25 slides and lively music capture the excitement of new places, in files that make it easy to show travelogues on an individual computer and with a linked video projector. Travelogues can also be presented without the interactive features on a DVD player.

Guided Tour. There is no recorded narration; instead, participants hear your familiar voice. You have the flexibility to follow the script, use the discussion prompts, customize notes, and change course in a moment to draw out participants

Interactive features. Every slide has icons that link to destination-specific online resources for arts and crafts, sports and games, and music and food. Each travelogue also includes special slides or objects participants can watch for, guessing games, fun facts, and other features to encourage interaction.

Resources to make it personal. Follow links to websites with general information on the destination and specific highlights of the slide show. Use the sensory resources to help participants engage touch and smell as well as sight, sound, and taste.

Printable extras. Set the scene with passports, travel posters, a map, and a trip itinerary highlighting stops and attractions. We also include an evaluation form to help you assess the impact of the travelogues on participants’ health and well-being.

Affordable – and important

Choose from 15 travelogues that bring the world to you and your participants:

Sample Travelogue Narrative: 

Resources Guide

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